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Macquarie 2100 is a not-for-profit organisation which works to administer and implement the objectives detailed in a 100 year plan released in 1999.

The Plan was created following several years of community consultation, discussion, workshops and reviews.

It has been recognised at all levels of government as a significant, all-encompassing document that has led to M2100 having an extremely high level of credibility. 

The M2100 Plan aims to maintain and build ecologically sustainable, economically viable and socially cohesive communities in the Lower Macquarie Valley encompassing the Warren and Narromine Shire Council areas. 

Macquarie 2100 has over 100 core members and a committee of 12 volunteers supported by a part-time paid Local Landcare Coordinator.

Macquarie 2100 provides the opportunity to create a better future for the lower Macquarie Valley by:

  •  supporting and encouraging opportunities to enhance the landscape;
  •  educating, improving and uniting communities;
  •  increasing the mental, emotional and physical health of the communities;
  •  striving to create strong economic resilience by supporting local marketing and business development projects.

Throughout the year various community events and on-farm projects are held and our community is kept up-to-date with regular newsletters.

This group works with other organisations and interest groups in the Lower Macquarie Valley, and acts as a conduit of information, and as a partner to obtain funding for community-inspired projects which reflect the aims and objectives of the plan.

Macquarie 2100 provides a strong foundation which allows people to collaborate. It provides the framework funding bodies demand before becoming engaged.

If you are interested in more information about Macquarie 2100 and/or you would like to be become involved please contact us.

 • It’s our responsibility to improve and protect our region for future generations.
 • The quality of the whole is shaped by the integrity of the individual.
 • Working together brings greater community control, ownership, strength and unity.
 • Strength lies in valuing and developing local talent & resources.
 • Stability and health lie in acceptance of diversity in nature, enterprise and culture.
 • Relationships based on respect, communication, discipline and tolerance are the foundation of strong communities.
 • Individuals need to be responsible and accountable for their actions.
 • Incentives, education and cooperation turn change into opportunity.

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